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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 30, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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reading is at 70 degrees as the clouds thin out there. it's in the low 60s in south jersey. boat house row is quiet and it's going to be warm today. a few clouds this morning, 70 at 7:00, middle 70s at 9:00 and then it's into the 80s at lunch time. and climbing. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back and talk heat and humidity for later in the week. first, katy zachry has traffic. >> those are teases that would get me to still watch. taking a live look at route 1, roosevelt boulevard near 9th street. traffic is picking up a little bit as we head into the ç5:00 hours. no new issues to report on the expanse of route 1. this is a map of the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia where we're monitoring a water main break on summerdale avenue closed between shelmire and glendale avenue. 95, this is a live look at 95 at
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the newark toll plaza where we have no issues to report on any of the delaware majors, any of the pennsylvania majors or new jersey majors. however, of course, to remind you that long-term construction project on the bridge over the christina river. this is 495 closed between terminal avenue and 12th streets, exits 2 and 3. an alternate around that is 95 or locally is route 13. tracy? >> we're following breaking news in philadelphia's homesburg section. a block is shut down, a s.w.a.t. team has converged on a home. nbc's jesse gary is live at the scene. you have new information from neighbors. what are they saying about a man barricaded inside with a gun? >> tracy, i spoke to neighbors as we pulled up about an hour and 15 minutes ago. i gave them an address that said there was a man inside the home
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on marston. they said, oh, no, it's him. apparently they had some kind of dealings or trouble with him in the past, although they didn't want to elaborate too much. the home is in the 7900 block of marsdon which you're looking at to the side and down the block. you see a police suv there. that's where police were interviewing a woman who was held inside this home. additionally s.w.a.t. units have been called in. we've seen them going down the alley and positioning themselves. police have blocked off marsdon at decatur, ditman to torresdale. if you're in this area, we've seen a lot of cars coming down, people trying to head to work, heading down decatur but they can't do it. a man is hold up inside his house with a gun, at least
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that's the last reports. we're checking with police to see if there's an update as to whether they've been able to make contact or not. live in the homesburg section of philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. this is also new from overnight. jesse gary was on the scene of this before that barricade situation popped up. water gushing in a section of northeast philadelphia after a water main broke this morning. this break happened along summerdale avenue behind northeast high school. workers have stopped the flow of water before it could do any damage. summerdale avenue is expected to be closed as katy just mentioned until they can make repairs later this morning. the good news, we're told everyone in the neighborhood there does have water. >> pennsylvania lawmakers are scrambling to get a budget passed. the new fiscal year begins at midnight. lawmakers have until then to get a $29.1 billion state budget to governor corbett. the governor has threatened not to sign a budget until lawmakers pass pension and liquor legislation.
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>> we are seeing high pension costs, killing our school districts all across pennsylvania.ç if you combine that with the pension of the state employees system, as you know by 1718 is $3.3 billion contribution. it's unsustainable to continue that. >> a preliminary senate committee vote late last night set up floor votes on the budget legislation today. happening right now in south africa, the oscar pistorius trial, web that, it was delayed for a month as he underwent like logical evaluation. now it's back on. prosecutors are cross-examining a doctor who said he's unstable without his prosthetic legs. about 30 minutes ago, pistorius conducted a demonstration without his prosthetics to show how well he cannot stand up. cameras were not allowed to film that particular demonstration. prosecutors say he was able to
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perform functions without his legs. now, before that demonstration, the court received a report from psychiatrists showing that pistorius does not suffer from a mental defect and that he knew the difference between right and wrong at the time of the fatal shooting of his girlfriend. the prosecutor portrayed the former olympic and paralympic runner as a hot head and alleges that he killed his girlfriend after the two had an argument. pistorius said he shot her because he thought she was an intruder. back here at home this morning, the coast guard is looking for a missing teenager. the 14-year-old was swept away in the waters off ocean city. a 14-year-old went missing just after 7:00 last night. ocean city police say he was swimming with friends when they were all swept out by a rip current. rescuers jumped in to pull the group to safety. >> my daughter heard some people calling help, help. i ran to the music pier and grabbed the lady on the music pier as the lifeguards were all
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gone. >> after half an hour we saw two boys walk up in towns. they were rescued. >> everyone except the 14-year-old made it back to shore. at 5:30, the coast guard is supposed to launch a helicopter to take part in the search this morning. authorities overnight search by water, land and air. they were not able to find the boy who was wearing white swimming shorts when he disappeared. six minutes after 5:00 now. investigate ares are trying to figure out exactly what caused an accident that killed a little girl in philadelphia's brewerytown over the weekend. 3-year-old winter larkin was killed saturday when a security gate outside rita's water ice fell on top of her. now, sources tell nbc 10 investigators are trying to determine if a crime was committed at the store at 29th and girard. for several hours on sunday, the forensic team was looking at ten holes in the wall where at one time bolts held that security gate to the front of the building.
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we tried to reach the owners of the water ice stand but at this point no one has returned our calls. tonight, home owners in the ewing community where a house exploded will meet to hear updates on reconstruction. 55 homes were damaged or destroyed in march when utility workers hit a gas line and the house exploded. a woman in that house was killed. earlier this month, a princeton company hired to complete the renovations on the damaged homes was fired. the home owners association is concerned that the project is moving too slowly and the company was too sçmall for the large job. police in atlantic county are warning home owners about an increase in burglaries there. according to absecon police, 15 homes, sheds and campers have happened since june 15th, all during the day. 16 local catholic churches have held their last masses. ♪
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this was the final sunday mass at st. an's in bristol, bucks county. it's one of the churches that will officially close at midnight tonight. the archdiocese of philadelphia is merging the churches to save resources and boost sustainability within the church. happening in philadelphia, kids and parents will have more places to cool off. they'll need it later this week, too. nine city pool are 0ing today, that includes max myers, scan lon, schmidt, houseman, dendy, waterloo, chew, baker and shepard. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> have to get good use out of the pools over the next few days. the temperatures this morning are in the 60s for most of the area. we have clouds that are moving through. some spots are running a little bit warmer. but hotter weather starts
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tomorrow. a three-day heat wave. we'll have temperatures into the 90s but it will feel at times like it's more like 100 degrees. we're watching the tropics, what may be the first tropical storm of the season coming together off the coast of florida. right now, a few scattered clouds over center city but dry. no sign of any showers and getting ready for sunshine at the shore. you can see clouds in the distance. this is a live view from cape may. we are less than a half hour away from sunrise this morning. at this hour, the temperatures are still cooling down. now down to 67 degrees in wilmington, northeast philadelphia, philadelphia international at 68 degrees. there are some cooler spots, if you look close at 65 in langhorne and levittown. 67 along the delaware. 60 in furlong, doylestown. the temperatures climbing into the 80s this afternoon.
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we are watching for showers with the clouds that prove through overnight, most of the shower activity is farther to the north. you can see just a few sprinkles in the pocono mountains. that will be it for today. the radar will be clear but the temperatures will be climbing. neighborhood by neighborhood, we'll see those climb into the 80s today. 87 for reading, allentown and quakertown, up to 86 degrees. trenton, northeast philadelphia, doylestown, mount holly, all in the upper 80s. right around the 80 degree mark for cape may, atlantic city and rehoboth. inland, you'll find the warmer temperatures, a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 85 for westchester, chester, wilmington, voorhees up to 87 this afternoon. it uturns hot starting tomorrow. >> it is ten minutes after 5:00. one of those magical times of day when we see traffic moving smoothly on the schuylkill expressway. >> things are starting to pick
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up a little bit, chris, around this çtime, but this is a grea shot at 76 and montgomery drive. especially with the sun coming up in the background. it's nice if you're headed out the door, because there's no volume to report at 76 and montgomery. we're not seeing issues on the majors in our area or throughout the region. there is a water main break in the rhawnhurst section of the city, summerdale is closed between shelmire and glendale. you'll want to add extra time to your travels if you're headed in that direction. chester county, east fallowfield township, downs wired at strasburg road near deo run road. this is northbound 42. things are looking great if you're headed back from the shore early this morning. no issues to report on the ac expressway or the garden state
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parkway. this massive navy ship is back in service off a drone crashed into its side. now we know why it happened. plus, wait until you hear how much this hole costs to repair. facebook has been studying what you post and how it can impact what others post.
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it's just about 5:15 on monday. happening later today, president barack obama will nominate
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former procter & gamble ceo. this nomination comes just days after the president received an internal review of the v.a. that described a so-called corrosive culture that resulted in delays in health care. mcdonald still needs senate confirmation. >> today president obama will ask congress for money to help deal with the surge of underage illegal immigrants. the president will send a letter to congress asking for $2 billion. children and other migrants from central america are illegally crossing the u.s. border in huge numbers. this has created a logistical and humanitarian crisis. firefighters in arizona are starting a fire, burning about 700 acres to try to stop a wildfire from spreading. that fire has already scorched eight square miles since last week. no injuries reported though at
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this time and no homes have been lost. >> we now know what caused a drone to crash into a neighbor ship injuring two sailors. it was caused by a malfunctioning control system and human error. the drone struck the ship back in november causing a fire inside and two sailors suffered minor burns. repairs to the ship took about six months and cost $30 million. people in cities across the country packed the streets for a gay pride parade and festivals over the weekends this was the scene along fifth avenue in new york city idea pep the celebration marked the 45th anniversary of the stone wall riots, the 1969 uprising are considered a catalyst for the movement. >> new york state paid a terrible, terrible price for this disease. we've done a lot of work. we've made a lot of progress but
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we're not going to be happy until we end the epidemic and we believe we can and that should be the goal. >> around 3,000 new york state residents are expected to be diagnosed with hiv this year. if you are one of the millions of people who use facebook you may have unknowingly be part of a massist experiment. according to the research, when people were exposed to fewer positive posts, their own posts were more negative. when users were exposed to fewer negative posts, their posts were more positive. experts say the study shows emotions can be exchanged without face-to-face interaction. 1,100 people representing 22 countries took part in the inaugural challenge of atlantic city triathlon. here's what they did. they swam 2.4 miles. got on a bicycle and biked 112 miles and then topped it all off with a marathon.ç i'm exhausted just reading it.
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frederick kronenberg finished the ironman distance event in 8 hours, 31 minutes, beating second place finisher scott de-phillid de-phillips by six minutes. >> hats off to all who participated in that. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has a look at the highways. >> that's right, chris. i'm exhausted just hearing you read about it. this is a live look right now at 59, right at cottman avenue. what you're seeing here, this is part of a long-term construction project. you can see the construction zone is inactive right now. fortunately that's not tieing things up on 95 north or southbound. taillights that you're seeing are the southbound direction. as we can see, that magic time around 5:15 where traffic is picking up on our roads. no issues to report on any of the area majors. there is a water main break we're following in northeast philadelphia in the rhawnhurst
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section of philadelphia. summerdale closed between shelmire avenue and glendale avenue. alternate around that is cottman avenue. we were on scene earlier. we'll have video coming up in the news cast. this is a look at 78 right at lehigh street, 309, 22 in the lehigh valley are clear this morning for your drive. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are rolling through the area right now. no sign of any rain. you can see the clouds of this live view from the loews hotel. the wind, that's a southerly wind. that will help warm things up. we're starting off at 68 degrees. that south wind, 5 miles an hour. the humidity is back up. 81% right now. here at nbc 10, no wind but we do have clouds, again, no showers expected with these clouds. the showers that occurred overnight, the pocono mountains, they since fizzled. we will see temperatures go higher, though, as these clouds
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thing out during the day. it's already taking place farther to the west. harrisburg area seeing breaks in the clouds. sunshine is going to be bright enough to warm us into the upper 80s today. we're watching the tropics. could see a tropical storm come together. first one of the season. arthur, low pressure off the east coast of florida may become indeed the first tropical storm. could have an impact on the east coast this week. some scattered clouds this morning and lots of sunshine this afternoon. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s today. southerly winds to 12 miles an hour. 92 degrees and the humidity goes higher for your tuesday. and then steamy conditions, wednesday and thursday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms wednesday and storms likely thursday. but as the fourth of july arrives, we'll see the storms inch out of here, improving conditions on friday and cooler, too. 83 degrees the high temperature and nice and sunny this weekend,
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highs in the low to mid-80s. >> if your fourth of july plans involve driving, you better budget extra cash. gas prices are at a six-year high as compared to previous fourth of july weekends. we'll explain the reason for the spike and show you the average costs across the tri-state area. >> honda unveils its newest ride but you won't see on the highway or side streets.ç [ joel ] i'm billy joel, and new york is my home.
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as we head into fourth of july weekend, gas prices are hitting a six-year high. according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.68. in the five county philadelphia region we're paying about $3.79. in delaware, $3.66 and in south jersey, it costs you about $3.55. experts say political unrest in iraq is at least partly to blame. >> this is unexpected. iraq is a major oil producer. the second largest oil producer in opec and that fear in the marketplace that the rebels can take over is what's driving up the cost of i'll and gasoline prices here at home. >> gas isn't the only travel expense expected to be higher this weekend. airfares and hotels are up 5% over last year's holiday weekend. >> we should learn today how general motors plans to compensate victims of crashes due to that faulty ignition swim. seema modi has that çstory. good morning. >> tracy, good morning. gm will announce the tells today of the compensation fund for
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victims of crashes linked to faulty ignition switches. ceo mary barra has said there will be no cap on payments and gm will have no say in how much k ken feinberg can award. >> we'll see what happens today. seema modi with cnbc. thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds are moving through the area this morning. but no showers associated with these clouds. they'll be here to start with and then take off this afternoon. the temperatures, they'll be moving up, too. 67 degrees. right now at nbc 10, there's a cloudy view from the melon bank building in center city. katy zachry is watching traffic. good morning. >> we are taking a live look right now in chester county. this is a look at 422 at trooper road. volume is increasing. it's that magic half hour around
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5:30. coming up, we'll take a live look at the other majors throughout the area and a look at the lehigh valley. >> right now at 5:26 we're following breaking news. this just in from feltonville where a telephone pole is on fire. this is a live picture from the scene. the pole is about 15 feet in the air.the fire department and peco are both responding to that fire. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in homesburg. >> police have gathered behind me with specialized equipment. you can see the gentleman in the helmet. looks like they have listening equipment, they're trying to get a better idea of what's going on inside this home. a man barricaded inside with a gun. more on this coming up. new video courtesy of an nbc 10 viewer. we'll explain why a philadelphia-bound flight landed and police had to board to confront a passenger.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> an armed standoff continues right now. here's a live look at the scene in homesburg where police tell us a man in the house is armed and refuses to come out. . also breaking from feltonville, a utility pole on fire. we're also live on this scene right now. no injuries reported. we're following this, happening right now, the search is expected to resume by air off
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the coast of ocean city after a teenage swimmer vanished beneath the waves. an a live look at philadelphia city hall and the rest of the skyline. experts say highs in the 80s today with a heat wave building as the july fourth holiday nears. good morning, 5:30. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we enjoyed a great weekend. things are starting out nicely for us on this monday morning. meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> am i one of the experts? >> of course. >> yes. >> okay, just asking. we'll see a warmer day, a beautiful weekend, lots of sunshine. the temperatures have been creeping up. and yes, you can see a few clouds that have rolled into philadelphia. the clouds are on the increase right now. we'll not see any showers from these clouds. they'll pass by dry. they'll be moving through this morning. the cloud cover did produce a few showers in the pocono mountains but not much there. stand by for a warmup. 68 degrees in philadelphia. trenton is